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The breadth of SOTL

Improved Learning in a Large-Enrollment Physics Class. Deslauriers et al., (2011). <paper>

Skills and Other Dilemmas of a Progressive Black Educator. Lisa Delpit. (1986) <paper>


Students social perceptions of competence

Males Under-Estimate Academic Performance of Their Female Peers in Undergraduate Biology Classrooms. Grunspan et al.,  (2017) <paper>

“I Wish that I Belonged More in this Whole Engineering Group:” Achieving Individual Diversity. Foor et al.(2007)<paper>


Determined by group interest Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics. Freeman, S. et al. (2014) <paper>

A Collective Effort to Improve Sociology Students’ Writing Skills. Burgess-Proctor et al., (2013) <paper>


Mobile devices in today’s classes  Student learning with permissive and restrictive cellphone policies: A classroom experiment. Lancaster A. (2018)<paper>

Impact of mobile technology on student attitudes, engagement, and learning. Heflin H et al., (2017)<paper>
 6/8/2018 Student teams and collaborations Contextualized Writing: Promoting Audience-Centered Writing through Scenario Based Learning. Golden, P. (2018) <paper>

Assessing Peer Leader Skill Acquisition and Group Dynamics in a First-Year Calculus Course. Glover et al., (2018) <paper>