SOTL – Journal Club

In collaboration with the Center for Educational Effectiveness, we are launching a new Journal Club that will meet bi-weekly at CEE. The main goal of this journal club is to provide a safe, welcoming space where scholars can have open, respectful, cross-disciplinary conversations around issues and research in teaching and learning.

The “rules” of this journal club are:

    • Everyone is expected to read the papers before coming.
    • We are all here to learn.
    • We are a welcoming space for people of all backgrounds and experiences, our only pre-requisite is interest!
    • We welcome people of all disciplines, schools of though and methodological focus; diversity is our strength.
    • Discussion should be respectful, we are critical colleagues exploring together.


Make it a Brown-Bag Occasion!

Feel free to bring your lunch!
Light refreshments will be served (courtesy of CEE).



Next MeetingFriday June 8, 1pm, The Grove 1353

This coming meeting we will look at 2 papers focused on collaboration and group work.

  • Contextualized Writing: Promoting Audience-Centered Writing through Scenario Based Learning. Golden, P. (2018) <paper>

    Assessing Peer Leader Skill Acquisition and Group Dynamics in a First-Year Calculus Course. Glover et al., (2018) <paper>